Doma lodges DA for The Parks Red Hill

In an important project milestone, Doma has now lodged Development Approvals (DAs) for The Parks Residences at Red Hill.

The DAs detail Doma’s plan to build 136 apartments spread across six buildings.

Doma has said that the low density nature of the development will allow them to create larger homes, with the majority of homes to be two and three bedrooms.

The average two bedroom will be over 100sqm sqm and three bedrooms closer to 130sqm, with many ranging between 165 sqm up to 220 sqm in size. The average outdoor space of each residence will be 30 sqm.

Doma says The Parks Residences will be boutique living at its finest, respecting the residential nature of Red Hill.

Rather than the large glass and steel complexes people may be used to seeing elsewhere in apartment design, The Parks Residences have been inspired by Parisian and London townhouses complete with recessed balconies.

Doma focused on designing homes of timeless, classic elegance that reflected the calibre of the location and its architectural history.

Design of The Parks Residences will include vertically celebrated and pitched roofs with dormer windows.

Balconies will be mainly enclosed to allow residents to enjoy their outdoor space throughout the year.

Expansive green space will define The Parks precinct as a whole and was a foundation for design of The Parks Residences.

Beautifully manicured landscaping and hedging will surround the buildings with the greenery and parks of the broader precinct, which is being developed by the nationally renowned property group Stockland, beyond that.

Stockland is also in the process of submitting required DAs for terrace homes.

You can view the Doma DAs, including instructions for lodging a representation here.

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